Weddings in the desert

Can you imagine riding a camel into your own wedding ceremony?

Well in fact, this is somewhat of a tradition in desert villages of Rajasthan and will soon be available to everyone.

In 2017 we’ll be making this experience and many others possible at Mala Ki Dhani by inviting wedding makers and event planners to make use of our stunning grounds and facilities in hosting private functions.

Weddings are not only a significant time in our lives but also a time often steeped in tradition and culture.

Few country’s are more renowned for their customs, displays and festivities at wedding times than India.

Indian weddings are a sight to behold and an experience never to be forgotten.

In Rajasthan there are a number of unique wedding traditions, which we’ll talk about another time and can also help you incorporate into your wedding expereince at Mala Ki Dhani.

For now, here’s a photo of me, Om Bhati (on the right) being congratulated by a relative on the day of my wedding near Mala Ki Dhani, Jaisalmer.

By Mala Ki Dhani

Mala Ki Dhani is the story of one small village, Chimaram Ki Dhani, and it's dream to create a better future by doing something bold - changing the way they make money and interact with the outside world.

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