We’re OPEN for guests!

It gives us great joy to announce that Mala Ki Dhani is officially OPEN for guests.

This news comes as we recently completed building the four huts, two bathrooms and shared spaces that make up Mala Ki Dhani, 16km north of Jaisalmer.

To celebrate our opening, we hosted the inaugural Thar Desert Festival at Mala Ki Dhani earlier this month, which saw 50 travelers and musicians gather at Mala Ki Dhani to make music, new friends and to experience the culture of the desert.

So, what experience awaits our guests at Mala Ki Dhani?

Well, Mala Ki Dhani is a guest house built on village lands in an area of Jaisalmer which has not yet been overrun by the tourism industry. This means our guests are provided with an authentic glimpse into village life in rural Rajasthan.

Guests at Mala Ki Dhani can expect to be immersed in the culture of the desert. While you stay with us you will have the opportunity to eat local foods, interact with local families and explore the previously unexplored sites around northern Jaisalmer.

We recommend our guests stay for 1 week at Mala Ki Dhani to allow time to explore the local area and villages while having enough down-time to unwind and enjoy the beautiful desert landscapes around Mala Ki Dhani.

For bookings you can use our online booking form or contact Om Bhati directly on +91 9587465564.

We look forward to welcoming you at Mala Ki Dhani one day soon!

By Mala Ki Dhani

Mala Ki Dhani is the story of one small village, Chimaram Ki Dhani, and it's dream to create a better future by doing something bold - changing the way they make money and interact with the outside world.

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