Diwali in the desert

Diwali (30th October) is important for our culture as Indians and especially as Hindus because the festival is based on stories from the Ramayana – one of our holiest books.

It marks Lord Rama’s triumph over Ravana and light winning over darkness. This is why Diwali is the most joyous of all our Hindu festivals and also known as a light festival.

In this time, we praise Laksmi, the goddess who has full power over prosperity, love and fertility. We believe that when we make Pooja for Laksmi Mata, then good walla business is coming.

We celebrate Diwali in Rajasthan much like it is celebrated in many parts of India, with the three F’s:

1. Fireworks: we remember Lord Rama’s story and light up the big desert night sky with fireworks and enjoy with all village people. Diwali wouldn’t be Diwali without lighting up the night sky!
2. Food: of course we celebrate meal times with our families in the villages during Diwali and we will be inivting all guests at Mala Ki Dhani to join a meal in our family homes
3. Family: Dada ji (our grandfather) invites the extended family into his home to celebrate with evening drinks. Dada ji loves to share and take care of his family and guests during Diwali – afterall Diwali is a festival of prosperity!

No matter where you are in India during Diwali, you will have a special time. But the desert has a magical charm, especially during these later months of the year where the weather is perfect for visitors in Rajasthan.

This is your invitation to come celebrate Diwali with me and my family at Mala Ki Dhani – desert style!

Book your accommodation at MKD on 30th October to join our Diwali celebrations:

By Mala Ki Dhani

Mala Ki Dhani is the story of one small village, Chimaram Ki Dhani, and it's dream to create a better future by doing something bold - changing the way they make money and interact with the outside world.

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