New photos of MKD thanks to Anas Ali

We were lucky to be visited again last month by our dear friend Anas Ali from Delhi.

Anas, who is a school teacher in Kurukshetra, is also a fantastically talented photographer and visited MKD in February on a photographic assignment.

Here we are having fun in our newly furnished huts. Guests at Mala Ki Dhani can expect great views from all the huts – especially the round hut!

Inside a hut set for 3 guests. This is how we like to welcome our guests at Mala Ki Dhani!

The round hut awaiting the arrival of 2 guests. This hut has the best views of Malan Bai temple and our Rocky Mountain.

The huts at Mala Ki Dhani and view of Rocky Mountain and Malan Bai temple in background. Time slows down out here and it’s easy to get lost in the hot, expansive landscape of the Thar Desert.

There’s always a few goats roaming around Mala Ki Dhani and even more in the nearby villages!

A visit from Banu Bhati, the first son of Om Bhati, guest house manager at Mala Ki Dhani. Banu is the future Raja Registhani!


Diwali in the desert

Diwali (30th October) is important for our culture as Indians and especially as Hindus because the festival is based on stories from the Ramayana – one of our holiest books.

It marks Lord Rama’s triumph over Ravana and light winning over darkness. This is why Diwali is the most joyous of all our Hindu festivals and also known as a light festival.

In this time, we praise Laksmi, the goddess who has full power over prosperity, love and fertility. We believe that when we make Pooja for Laksmi Mata, then good walla business is coming.

We celebrate Diwali in Rajasthan much like it is celebrated in many parts of India, with the three F’s:

1. Fireworks: we remember Lord Rama’s story and light up the big desert night sky with fireworks and enjoy with all village people. Diwali wouldn’t be Diwali without lighting up the night sky!
2. Food: of course we celebrate meal times with our families in the villages during Diwali and we will be inivting all guests at Mala Ki Dhani to join a meal in our family homes
3. Family: Dada ji (our grandfather) invites the extended family into his home to celebrate with evening drinks. Dada ji loves to share and take care of his family and guests during Diwali – afterall Diwali is a festival of prosperity!

No matter where you are in India during Diwali, you will have a special time. But the desert has a magical charm, especially during these later months of the year where the weather is perfect for visitors in Rajasthan.

This is your invitation to come celebrate Diwali with me and my family at Mala Ki Dhani – desert style!

Book your accommodation at MKD on 30th October to join our Diwali celebrations:


We’re OPEN for guests!

It gives us great joy to announce that Mala Ki Dhani is officially OPEN for guests.

This news comes as we recently completed building the four huts, two bathrooms and shared spaces that make up Mala Ki Dhani, 16km north of Jaisalmer.

To celebrate our opening, we hosted the inaugural Thar Desert Festival at Mala Ki Dhani earlier this month, which saw 50 travelers and musicians gather at Mala Ki Dhani to make music, new friends and to experience the culture of the desert.

So, what experience awaits our guests at Mala Ki Dhani?

Well, Mala Ki Dhani is a guest house built on village lands in an area of Jaisalmer which has not yet been overrun by the tourism industry. This means our guests are provided with an authentic glimpse into village life in rural Rajasthan.

Guests at Mala Ki Dhani can expect to be immersed in the culture of the desert. While you stay with us you will have the opportunity to eat local foods, interact with local families and explore the previously unexplored sites around northern Jaisalmer.

We recommend our guests stay for 1 week at Mala Ki Dhani to allow time to explore the local area and villages while having enough down-time to unwind and enjoy the beautiful desert landscapes around Mala Ki Dhani.

For bookings you can use our online booking form or contact Om Bhati directly on +91 9587465564.

We look forward to welcoming you at Mala Ki Dhani one day soon!


Picking desert grapes

Temperatures are soaring above 45°C almost every day at Mala Ki Dhani as Rajasthan gets ready for another intensely hot summer.

The months of April – July are the ‘off peak’ season in India’s Golden City and most tourists head for cooler regions of the country to escape the heat.

But for those willing to brave the heat and experience the full force of the desert sun, there are some delights to be had.

One such delight is the harvesting of wild ‘desert grapes’ found throughout the arid landscape of the Thar Desert.

Throughout May and June the desert grapes ripen becoming yellow and red.

They are much enjoyed by the locals and can be tasted by guests at Mala Ki Dhani during these months.


Weddings in the desert

Can you imagine riding a camel into your own wedding ceremony?

Well in fact, this is somewhat of a tradition in desert villages of Rajasthan and will soon be available to everyone.

In 2017 we’ll be making this experience and many others possible at Mala Ki Dhani by inviting wedding makers and event planners to make use of our stunning grounds and facilities in hosting private functions.

Weddings are not only a significant time in our lives but also a time often steeped in tradition and culture.

Few country’s are more renowned for their customs, displays and festivities at wedding times than India.

Indian weddings are a sight to behold and an experience never to be forgotten.

In Rajasthan there are a number of unique wedding traditions, which we’ll talk about another time and can also help you incorporate into your wedding expereince at Mala Ki Dhani.

For now, here’s a photo of me, Om Bhati (on the right) being congratulated by a relative on the day of my wedding near Mala Ki Dhani, Jaisalmer.


Building almost complete @ Mala Ki Dhani

It’s been five months since building commenced at Mala Ki Dhani.

Our goal as a village was to create authentic village style desert experiences for tourists visiting Jaisalmer and the Thar Desert.

With the help of several hut makers and laborers from villages near and far, the first step of this goal has nearly been realised.

By late April 2016 we will be ready to take tourists in our 4 beautifully simple private huts.

We can also organise a range of local cultural experiences for our guests while they stay with us including village visits, cooking classes, camel rides and day trips to places of interest around Jaisalmer.

Bookings are now open for our huts so go ahead and be our guest – we can’t wait to welcome you to Mala Ki Dhani!

Mala Ki Dhani is a small desert camp 16KM outside Jaisalmer built in the authentic Rajasthan style for tourists visiting India’s Thar Desert. Bookings for short and long stays can be made on our website or by calling Om on +91 95874 65564.


Thar Desert Festival 2016 @ Mala Ki Dhani

We are proud to announce that Mala Ki Dhani will be hosting our first ever Thar Desert Festival September 2-5, 2016.

The festival will run for 3-days providing a ton of local and international music, short adventures/sight seeing trips as well as Rajasthani food and culture.

At this stage, all you need to do is save the date and make sure you’ll be in Jaisalmer at the start of September 2016 to attend.

We’ll have more announcements about tickets, the line-up and activities shortly!

You can follow this Facebook group for the latest updates on Thar Desert Festival 2016: